Audit Information

Audit Results

As a Pre-qualified Supplier under the User Choice 2010-2015 program, and the Certificate 3 Guarantee, The College of Health and Fitness is required to publish a summary of its latest Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) audit information.

Audit Date:

Qualifications Audited:
BSB30110 –Certificate III in Business
BSB40207 –Certificate IV in Business
SRF30206 – Certificate III in Fitness
SRF40206 – Certificate IV in Fitness

Audit Outcomes:

Audit non-compliance identified: No

Non-compliances rectified: Not Applicable

Explanatory Notes:

Non-compliances are categorised as minor, significant or critical.

Minor: No, or minor, adverse impact on learners with no serious breakdown of provision of quality training and assessment

Significant: Significant adverse impact on learners with insufficient focus on quality training and assessment outcomes

Critical: Critical adverse impact on learners with widespread or persistent dissatisfaction with services and outcomes.