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The Cert 3 in Fitness: Course Overview
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The Cert 3 in Fitness: Course Overview

Working in the fitness industry can be a rewarding career for someone who enjoys keeping fit and healthy and helping other people do the same. It is also a great career for people who want an active job and to interact with other people in a meaningful way. If you are thinking about entering the fitness industry, then you will need to earn a Certificate 3 in Fitness before being able to work in most professions.

A Certificate 3 in Fitness, also known as a SIS30315, is an entry-level course to enter the fitness industry. It helps to prepare you to become a gym instructor or further your education in fitness. There are a wide range of activities and functions this certificate will allow you to do. There are several steps to earning your Certificate 3 in Fitness.

The Course

There are no prerequisites before starting this class, but there will be a literacy and numeracy assessment to ensure your success during the course. You will also need to research using online resources and have access to a computer and the internet.

During the course, you will learn about theory and practical assessment to ensure you are ready to work in a fitness environment with clients. Most of the training during the course will be hands-on and in a practical environment. Work placements in gyms and other training in fitness facilities will encompass most of the course. This is the most efficient way to start working in fitness. It is also a great experience for getting a job after the course is done, and makes for a smoother transition into a new job.

In addition to these experience hours and training, you will also be required to complete some courses online. It is a self-paced program, so you can finish it as quickly or slowly as you want. This is ideal for people with no other obligations who can move through the course very quickly and jump into their new career with no delay. It is also ideal for people who have other work or family or school obligations because they can work at a pace that fits into their life. These courses test your knowledge of various procedures and techniques in the fitness industry.

The practical training will mean working with classmates and pretending they are clients. You will conduct health screenings, help them properly exercise, and take health and safety assessments. The instructor will provide you with multiple tasks to do in a variety of real-world situations to prepare you for what will happen with an actual client. You will also learn skills for instructing fitness programs, instructing clients one-on-one, techniques for specific exercises, gym safety, and healthy eating advice.

While the Certificate 3 in Fitness course is self-paced, it has a maximum length of 12 months. If this is not enough time to fit into your busy life, then extensions are available. The course is also competency-based, so you will not receive a grade, only a pass or fail. If you already have skills and knowledge in this area, then the course will move quickly for you. Skills in the areas of anatomy, customer service, and health and safety will all be beneficial as you work towards your certificate. Before receiving the certificate, you must log 30 hours of supervised work placement, which can include some face-to-face classes.

Assessments are written essays, short answers, and paragraph answers. There may also be a verbal assessment and practical task assessment. Theory assessments can be submitted online, but practical assessments must be done in person.

After the Course

This certificate is ideal for people looking to start their career in the fitness industry. Gyms are always looking for more qualified staff, so jobs are not difficult to find if you are qualified. The biggest job pool for people with a Certificate 3 in Fitness is to be a gym instructor. A gym instructor will monitor the gym floor to look for people who may need help. Instructing clients on how to use the equipment properly and maintain proper form for safety are important parts of this job. You will also use skills in First Aid, healthy eating, and conducting fitness assessments.

Becoming a group exercise instructor can also be a rewarding career. These sessions allow you to learn to lead a variety of different exercises and teach people at different levels of fitness at the same time. You could even become an aqua exercise instructor to guide water-based fitness activities. Learning basic water rescues and mobility training are important for this career.

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