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What Can You Do with a Certificate III in Fitness?
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What Can You Do with a Certificate III in Fitness?

A career in the fitness industry can be a rewarding and challenging job. As more and more people start taking their health and fitness seriously, it’s a good time to think about entering the field.

Having the right qualifications is important for a job in fitness – otherwise anyone could do it! Taking the time to study and train will make a big difference to how people see you or your business, and helps ensure you’re doing things in the proper way.

Achieving a Certificate III in Fitness is the perfect way to start your career in the fitness industry, giving you a versatile qualification that will open up a tonne of new doors. So where can it lead you? Here are some of the things you can do with a Certificate III in Fitness.

Become a gym instructor

A Certificate III in fitness is crucial to becoming a gym instructor, as it provides you with the knowledge, training and skills to help people on the gym floor. From being able to use equipment safely to demonstrating different techniques, a gym instructor must have the right skills and experience.

As part of your studying, you’ll also learn how to conduct fitness assessments and create training plans. Fitness assessments are vital for clients to understand their current fitness levels and to help them get to where they want to be. This can be a beneficial service to offer at a gym, and gives you the opportunity to help people transform their lives.

Teach fitness classes

Fitness classes are a popular way for people to get fit. Fun and sociable, they have a lot of appeal, especially for people who are intimidated by the gym floor. By teaching group fitness classes, you have the chance to create personal workouts and sessions that can make a difference to people, and even create a community around your classes!

By undertaking a Certificate III in Fitness, you can learn all of the techniques to choreograph your own classes in areas such as boxing, interval training, aerobics, pilates and more, helping you carve out a successful career in fitness instruction.

Being qualified to teach fitness classes can help you find work in a gym, or you could set up on your own and teach classes in multiple locations in your local area.

Become a personal trainer

By studying for a Certificate III in Fitness, you’ll be able to work your way towards completing a Certificate VI, which is the minimum qualification you need to become a personal trainer. A Certificate III in fitness provides you with a lot of the knowledge and skills that you’ll find useful as a personal trainer, and it can be an excellent stepping stone while you decide if becoming a PT is the right move for you.

After achieving your Certificate III, you should contemplate shadowing personal trainers to see if it’s a career you could find yourself in if you decide to continue with your studies.

Use your knowledge online

The health and fitness industry is booming, and one of the places this is becoming more apparent is online. If you take a look at fitness gurus like Kayla Itsines, their whole career is based online. From offering advice via a blog to creating online workout videos, there’s a lot you can do online to help you carve out a successful career in fitness. Creating your own training plans is another great service to offer online, and could be a way to supplement your income alongside working in a gym or teaching classes. If you decide to become a personal trainer and take on further qualifications, you could use your website and social media accounts as a platform to attract clients, as well as create content and services that serve an online-only audience.

A Certificate III in Fitness can be an excellent way to kick-start your career and teach you the skills you need to get started in the fitness industry. There’s a lot to learn to make sure you can help people safely and effectively, but the results can be extremely rewarding. Studying for a Certificate III in Fitness can be done in around 30 hours, making it a great qualification to have under your belt.

If you’re interested in finding out more about studying for a Certificate III in Fitness, get in touch with The College of Health and Fitness today. Providing a number of courses as well as recognised certification, you could soon begin working towards a career in the fitness industry.

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