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Fitness Courses

Certificate III

The Certificate III in Fitness course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to perform the duties of a gym, group or aqua aerobics instructor.

The Certificate III course provides you with an extensive knowledge of exercise principles enabling you to fully understand the effect of exercise on the body and therefore to write and adapt fitness programs to suit the specific needs of individuals, groups or teams. You will be able to adapt programs to suit various environments as well as provide technical advice on equipment and exercise techniques.

The College of Health & Fitness provides you with “hands on” practical training in a fully equipped gym and/or pool for specific units of this course.

Certificate IV

The Certificate IV in Fitness course is designed to compliment and further the knowledge and skills you gained during the Certificate III in Fitness and can only be commenced after successful completion of the Certificate III Course.

The Certificate IV course will enable you to operate within a broad range of varied contexts that may be complex and non-routine. It will supply you with the knowledge and skills to operate a business within the fitness industry. You will gain knowledge on providing supervision and guidance to others in the application and planning of fitness training and activities, and learn basic work place training.

After completing the Certificate IV in Fitness you will be qualified to obtain employment as a Personal Trainer and/or to work with older adults or special populations, including pregnant women, rehabilitation clients and people with disabilities.

As in the Certificate III Course, The College of Health & Fitness provides “hands on” practical training in a fully equipped fitness facility, pool and various other facilities that may be used as exercise locations.


This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required for you to be competent in a range of activities and functions within the fitness industry. Particularly, working collaboratively with medical and allied health professionals in a broad range of settings, including fitness facilities, aquatic facilities, community facilities and in open spaces.

With this qualification you will be able to provide exercise training to individual clients with specific needs, on a one-on-one or group basis. Your clients may include older persons and children with chronic conditions. In addition, the Diploma will give you the skills to collaborate effectively with allied health professionals and in consultation, implement, evaluate and modify exercise prescription for clients with specific conditions, including for example, those with metabolic, musculoskeletal or cardiorespiratory conditions.

Diploma graduates (Specialised exercise trainers), have the ability to monitor client progress and, in collaboration with medical or allied health professionals, utilise an evidence-based approach to deliver solutions by applying knowledge of physiology and anatomy and the pathology of specific medical conditions.