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SIS50213 Diploma of Fitness (Brisbane)

The College currently offers both the SIS50213 and the SIS50215 versions of the Diploma. Students enrolling in the SIS50213 must complete by 3/3/2017.

Graduates with this qualification will perform a range of activities and functions within the fitness industry. They will have substantial depth of knowledge to plan, conduct and evaluate advanced exercise programs using principles of program design, and progressed anatomy and physiology knowledge to support delivery of functional, effective and safe exercise programs.

Graduates will have specialist skills to independently implement current approaches supported by evidence, and establish strategies for the prevention of recurrence of injury with guidance from medical or allied health professionals where appropriate. The qualification does not provide the skills and knowledge for you to provide advice or exercise instruction to high risk clients, other than to refer the client to an appropriate medical or allied health professional.

This qualification provides a pathway to work in a diversity of fitness industry businesses including fitness centres, gyms, aquatic facilities, community facilities and in open spaces, where risk management (through risk assessment and hazard control processes) does not already exist.

The College of Health and Fitness offer the Management specialisation, skilling graduates to manage and support a team of fitness professionals. This involves mentoring staff on business skills and technical skills. These individuals have skills and knowledge in marketing and sales; business analysis; time and financial management; recruiting and retaining personal trainers.

SIS50215 Diploma of Fitness Entry Requirements

This qualification is designed for those existing fitness professionals with considerable experience in exercise delivery.

Entry to this qualification is open to individuals who hold a current first aid and CPR certificate:
1. Have achieved a Certificate IV in Fitness; and
2. Have at least 1 year post qualification fitness industry experience in the application of the skills and knowledge of the Certificate IV in Fitness.

SIS50215 Diploma of Fitness Units of Competency

  • HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid
  • SISFFIT523A Deliver prescribed exercise to clients with cardiorespiratory conditions
  • SISFFIT524A Deliver prescribed exercise to clients with metabolic conditions
  • SISFFIT525A Advise on injury prevention and management
  • SISFFIT526A Deliver prescribed exercise to clients with musculoskeletal conditions
  • SISFFIT527A Undertake health promotion activities to decrease risk factors and prevent chronic disease
  • SISFFIT528A Apply research findings to exercise management strategies
  • SISXCCS404A Address client needs
  • SISIND405A Conduct projects
  • SISFFIT313A Plan and deliver exercise for apparently healthy children and adolescents
  • SISFFIT314A Plan and deliver exercise to older clients with managed conditions
  • SISSSTC301A Instruct strength and conditioning techniques
  • SISSSTC402A Develop strength and conditioning programs

Other units from the Diploma of Fitness electives may be available - please enquire (Additional Fees Apply)

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