“I recently completed the Diploma in Fitness at The College of Health and Fitness.

I highly recommend this course to any Personal Trainer who is serious about their career and wants to be successful in this industry.

It utilises the knowledge gained from the Certificate IV and take your skills to a new level, giving you the confidence to guide clients through a rehabilitation program, and those clients with special needs, such Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease to those with Musculoskeletal problems.



The whole staff are friendly and very skilled in their areas of expertise. The lecturers are incredibly knowledgeable and have great practical experience, not to mention their industry experience, and the team at the front reception are there to assist you with any questions you may have.
This course has taken my business to the next level and there is no better place to study. I would not hesitate to highly recommend anyone to The College of Health and Fitness”.


December 2013


Marc Petzke @ work with a client

tstm02I have been working in the fitness industry since 2009 and in that time I have become aware of just how many people give up on exercise or don’t even make a start because of their health. The idea of making a difference really appealed to me. When I learned about what was involved in the Diploma of Fitness and that it would give me the necessary skills to help more people stay or get into fitness. I knew it was something I needed to do. Chronic illness is something I have personally dealt with from a young age being diagnosed at 14 with juvenile arthritis. I saw great improvement with managing my condition through eating healthy and exercising. The idea that there was a coarse I could do that would show me the best ways to use diet and exercise to help chronic illness really excited me. Doing my Diploma of Fitness at The College of Health and Fitness was one of the best learning experiences I have had. The experience and knowledge of the teachers was amazing even after working in the industry for 5 years, I was humbled by the information I was getting. The comfortable environment created by the teachers for open discussion allowed all the trainers to share valuable tips and experiences. The information and knowledge I have taken away has given me a new confidence and have already taken on 5 new clients who all have a chronic condition. One of my clients suffers from severe schizophrenia which before doing my Diploma of Fitness would have been too daunting but now he is seeing improvement in his health like never before with all parties involved supporting with the work I have done this far.


tstm03“At the start of Grade 11 at St Paul’s school after a visit with my Careers Councillor I was given the opportunity to undertake my Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness through The College of Health and Fitness as one of my school projects. I had always enjoyed sports and had a special interest in physical fitness and performance, so we agreed that this would be a good way to kick-start my career in the fitness industry.

Tony and his staff from The College of Health and Fitness were extremely supportive and guided me each step of the way through the modules required to gain certification. When other students were doing their 6th class of the day I was doing my fitness theory modules in the library and I spent Friday afternoons doing the practical component with Tony Attridge, who would come out to the school. In Grade 11 all students do work experience and I was able to do mine in a gym where I was applying all of the knowledge and skills I had learned from my fitness study, I was able to obtain my Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness before I finished Grade 12, so not only did I have a qualification for the real world but I was guaranteed an OP13 or above score. I received the Australian Vocational Prize for Outstanding Achievement in school based training which included Scholarship Achievement in school based training which included scholarship money for further education. I went on to pursue studies at university for a Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Doctor of Physiotherapy and throughout my tertiary education I have always felt a step ahead of my classmates with my knowledge and practical skills. I owe that to my time studying with Tony Attridge at The College of Health and Fitness.

My working career started in Grade 11 when I got a job from my work experience placement at Curves and I worked there for 3 years. I then got a job working as a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Massage Therapist at a Physiotherapy clinic and I worked there part time while completing my university degrees. I am a new graduate Physiotherapist at Everton Park Sports & Spinal, and at North Lakes Sports & Spinal Physiotherapist clinics. I owe all of my success and where I am today to Tony Attridge and The College of Health and Fitness, who helped me channel my passion for sports and physical activity into a qualification for the real world and guide me into the Health and Fitness industry”.

Ellen Winn (Australian Vocational Prize for Outstanding Achievement)


Altitude Training

“After seven (7) years of swimming, I came to a point in my sport where I wasn’t sure whether to continue or not. I didn’t want to be putting in all the hours of training to not get anywhere and achieve the goals I set. After having a break from the sport in early 2013, I decided to give it one last try. I have always trained hard to achieve my goals, however I felt like this time I needed something more. This is why my mum mentioned that maybe a psychologist could give me a much needed edge against my competition. After searching the internet for psychologists, we came across Tony Attridge, a Queensland Academy of Sport recommended psychologist, and booked the next available appointment.

Little did I know this encounter was going to change my swimming as I knew it. From the moment we walked into the room to speak to Tony, we were impressed by his professional interest in me, his knowledge of everything sport and psychology related and his enthusiasm for what he does and his company. He suggested that maybe I looked in a different direction to something along the lines of strength and conditioning and altitude training in order to increase my aerobic capacity in the water and improve the back end of my races (allowing me to come home faster in a race), which I have always struggled with in my years of swimming. I immediately jumped at the suggestion.

The week after our meeting Tony showed me how to use the altitude machine, set my baselines for my training and the rest is history. Every week since December 2013, I have been doing altitude training for four days a week, and although it is a lot of hard work, I can already see the amazing improvements in both my training and racing. One person in particular who is also an incredible asset to this company is the Strength and Conditioning coach Dave Berry. He has been incredibly helpful, supportive, encouraging and passionate during my time at The College of Health and Fitness. Dave has also been the mediator between Tony and me. If I am finding the program easier, or if I have moved into a different phase of my swim training, Dave is the one who will talk to Tony about what to do next and constantly explain the new training program and ways I can improve myself each week.

I have two (2) major competitions coming up in April, the Australian Open Swimming Championships (Commonwealth Games Trials) and the Australian Age Swimming Championships. I can honestly say I am confident that with the help of Tony, Dave and the whole team from The College of Health and Fitness, I am in my best possible shape to achieve my goals this year, and I’m sure for many years to come. For this I am forever grateful to this absolutely wonderful company”.

Hannah Beighton


“It is with great pleasure that I am writing this reference for the lovely staff at The College of Health & Fitness: Ina, Trainer David and all the rest of the troops.

The College of Health & Fitness took such good care of me whilst I completed my Certificate III and IV with them. service, their friendliness, their professionalism and their TLC is amazing – the guys have been terrific!
In 2012-2013 I studied with a college called PT Train, in late 2013 I was informed the college had closed down by ASQA. Devastated about the whole event I got in touch with The College of Health & Fitness with the aim to complete my PT studies with them. Ina, who was the contact person at the College of Health & Fitness instantly got involved and assisted not only with our new enrolment but also offered comfort and support. She is without a doubt one of the warmest and most caring individuals that I have come across in a long time! Ina and her team worked so hard trying to help myself along with some 200 former PT Train students who where all desperately trying to get our qualifications done. Ina has had a lot of work on hands over the last few months and even though she probably didn’t get much of a Xmas break she still managed to keep me up-to-date, returned my phone calls/ emails and always had a lovely professional smile on her lips!

Great service is a rarity nowadays – the guys at The College of Health & Fitness offered great customer service consistently!

Today I am thrilled to have finally past my Certificate III and IV through the College of Health & Fitness! It was worth all the sweat and tears and I will remember this college for the rest of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Mia Bohnmark, Student of the College of Health & Fitness, February 2014

“I decided to make a complete career and lifestyle change a while ago and decided to become a PT. I looked at a number of training organisations. The College of Health and Fitness stood out from all the rest so I signed up. I have never regretted that decision. The courses were excellent. The theory and content covered was thorough, but more importantly the programs were fun and energetic and practical. No sitting in a room just learning the theory. We got out there and really put that theory into practice in real world situations. At the end of my training I felt very confident about hitting that real world as a PT.

The team at the College is wonderful. The instructors, management and support crew go out of their way to encourage, educate, and support. They are positive, energetic, and have direct hands-on industry experience.
I now have two positions were I am using what I learnt. I am helping others who have decided to take this same career path AND I’m working with clients in an industry that I believe is nothing but positive and will only grow and grow. I am having the best time and am experiencing a sense of job satisfaction that I never thought I would have.

If you are considering doing the Certificates yourself or thinking about this for your child, I definitely recommend the College of Health and Fitness”.

Fiona Glover, Affirm Fitness (Owner) and Workout 24/7 (Staff)

Awarded for outstanding achievement in Certificates III & IV in Fitness 2013.


As a Manager of multiple clubs I exclusively use The College of Health and Fitness for our personal trainers qualification needs for our Genesis clubs. It has given my team valuable knowledge and tools that they can use to build a career in Fitness. I would definitely recommend The College of Health and Fitness to anyone interested in a career in Fitness.

Luke Petzke

Jindalee & Rothwell Gym Supervisor/Personal Training Manager